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About Me

Hi Guys,


Thank you for following and supporting my blog in whichever way you have.  I have a deep passion and love for both travelling and writing, and thought I would document my journeys in this way. Over the years as I began to travel,



I didn't journal my travels as I was pretty much just living in the moment. I didn't realise journaling about my travels was opening me up to a whole new world. Pink Skies and Paradise is a true journal of my travel experiences, including many tourist attractions across the globe. I have partnered with some of the best travel booking companies, for flights, hotels and more. 

As of this moment your all invited to join me on my life journey, my quests and all my travel endeavours.

I'm also a budding philanthropist and you'll see some of my work as I go along...


With Love,

Pink Skies and Paradise


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