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About Me

Hi Guys,


Thank you for following and supporting my blog in whichever way you have.

Guess I better introduce myself! I'm Siobhan - Patrina, a Creative Writer, Children's Author and Entrepreneur from London, U.K.

I  would love to say I quit my job and travelled the world like the rest of the bloggers, but I'm not quite there yet. My story is a little bit different and a lot more personal, but I can tell you I'm now doing exactly what I love!

My passion for travelling started at 8 years old when my mother took my first on a holiday to Jamaica. I was in complete awe. 4 weeks away from home, on an island I knew nothing about, was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

I cried myself to sleep upon returning to London, so my mum promised me another holiday. Thereafter,  my wonderful Aunty had begun to take me on smaller trips to Cornwall, Devon and trips all across the U.K. I was completely in love. A newfound love for travelling was already born.

At 14, I tried to organise my first 'girlie' trip for my 16th birthday and I got all my friends to promise they would come. Little did I know, a promise is a comfort to a fool. So before I turned 16, they all let me down (as friends sometimes do.) I pushed my dream holiday back by five years. I'm not so sure what or whom I was waiting for, but it never happened.


Leaving my friends behind, I was sure my two cousins would celebrate my 21st birthday abroad with me. They dropped out.




So, I took the plunge, booked the ticket, and celebrated my 21st birthday alone in New York for one week.

It was the BEST experience of my life. I never wanted to go on another holiday with anyone ever again. My own company was exactly what I never knew I needed. I felt a great sense of pride, empowerment, and achievement for something I did alone.


Then, my passion for travelling had fuelled. At 22, I had my son, who I would have never thought would have been my travel partner. The best travel partner I could ever ask for. So my crazy, fun-filled travel blog is a journal dedicated to all travelling parents.

At 23, I graduated from Winchester University with a BA Hons in Journalism and Media, so things worked out in a non-conventional order, I guess.

  Travelling is like medicine for my soul. So whatever situation, circumstance or stage of life I'm at, there will always be a holiday involved! My deep passion and love for both travelling and writing encouraged me to document my journeys in this way. Over the years as I began to travel, many of my holidays had gone undocumented as I was pretty much living in the moment.







I didn't realise journaling about my travels was opening me up to a whole new world.

Pink Skies and Paradise is a true journal of my travel experiences, including destination-based content,  tourist attractions, cheap and recommended flights and a variety of accommodations I've stayed in across the globe.

I have partnered with some of the best travel booking companies, for flights, hotels and excursions

I've always had dreams of travelling the world, (like many of us) and I've made sure nothing had prevented me from following them. I endeavour to continue enjoying my life the best way I know how - by travelling!

As of now, you are all invited to join me on my life journey, quests and travel endeavours.

I'm also a budding philanthropist so you'll see some of my photography, videos and philanthropy work as I go along...


With Love,

Siobhan - Patrina

Pink Skies and Paradise


On the Beach in Swansea, Wales, U.K
Casela Nature Park - Mauritius
Il Aux Benitiers- Mauriitus
The Waterfront Musuem- Swansea, Wales
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