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Hi Guys,


Thank you for following and supporting my blog in whichever way you have.  I have a deep passion and love for both travelling and writing, and thought I would document my journeys in this way.


I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places, but unfortunately I did not document them, so I am starting now, it's never too late because the world is huge!!

But as of this moment your all invited to join me on my life journey, my quests and all my travel endeavours.

I'm also a budding philanthropist and started back in 2014 in Gambia.


With Love, Pink Skies and Paradise

From Siobhan-Patrina, SPG

About Me

Hello, Im Siobhan Patrina, a Writer, Author, Filmmaker and Entreprenuer from London. Right now, i'm travelling the world, and documenting my journey, come and join me!


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