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Cotton Candy Skies... in London

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

A Colourful Sky in the Capital

You don't have to take a 24 hour flight, halfway across the globe to experience pure visual bliss with those cotton candy skies. In my case, they were right ahead of me on this chilly winter morning, 7.30am to be exact, whilst I took my little one to school. I specifically decided not to drive, and had opted for the tube instead... and this is what I encountered today~ These Cotton Candy Skies.

I'm often tired of being in my home town of London, and I'm always looking for the next cheapest flight to jet out- however, I was grateful to have experienced seeing such beautiful colours in the sky in such a cold and wet place. Who says cotton candy skies are only for tropical places? I'm learning to appreciate what I have, where I am, at the very moment.

Pink and Purple Skies in London at 7.30 am
Cotton Candy Skies in London

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