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Dare to take a risk?

We're all scared, fed-up, bored and anxious whenever we hear about the Corona Virus. As the public grows more conscious, flights get cheaper... and I cant stop thinking if I should take the plunge and take a risk. Long haul or Short haul, travelling is what I absolutely live for. Although scared is an understatement, my heart thumps with excitement and my head pounds with anxiety. I already have one holiday booked this year, and my finger is ready and itching to grab hold of that 'book' button for the second one, but I stay patiently waiting for this virus to die out. Over- excitedly, I have already started planning my 2021 travel list! How can you live your best life without taking risks. So i'm counting down , taking advantage and pinching a deal for 2021! Who's with me??!!

And if you are... Be sure to check out 'Sandals' and book your treat using the link below. Treat yourself, because sometimes... you do come first.

About Me

Hello, Im Siobhan Patrina, a Writer, Author, Filmmaker and Entreprenuer from London. Right now, i'm travelling the world, and documenting my journey, come and join me!


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