Dare to take a risk?

We're all scared, fed-up, bored and anxious whenever we hear about the Corona Virus. As the public grows more conscious, flights get cheaper... and I cant stop thinking if I should take the plunge and take a risk. Long haul or Short haul, travelling is what I absolutely live for. Although scared is an understatement, my heart thumps with excitement and my head pounds with anxiety. I already have one holiday booked this year, and my finger is ready and itching to grab hold of that 'book' button for the second one, but I stay patiently waiting for this virus to die out. Over- excitedly, I have already started planning my 2021 travel list! How can you live your best life without taking risks. So i'm counting down , taking advantage and pinching a deal for 2021! Who's with me??!!

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