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10/19 - 11/19

With 365 beaches, one beach for every day of the year.. where else would you need to go? Antigua and Barbuda has everything poppin!


01/19 - 01/19

Paradise right before your eyes. Will you visit St Georges the local town or Grand Anse beach watching the sunset and it's stunning views.


09/17 - 09/17

Trail through the streets of Santa Domingo or lounge on the beautiful beach in Punta Cana. Get Dominican Republic ticked off your bucket list.


Enjoy the lively bustle in Lagos or take a trip to the villages. There's always something to do in Nigeria.


Gambia has some of the most gorgeous beaches i've ever seen. Was I awake through the night or was it simply a dream?


London is the city for everything fun, lively and chic... but don't forget to take an umbrella- ella-ella with you!

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Hello, Im Siobhan Patrina, a Writer, Author, Filmmaker and Entreprenuer from London. Right now, i'm travelling the world, and documenting my journey, come and join me!


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