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Spending the day in Bath, U.K.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

A Budget trip to Bath

Creative signpost at Bath Guildhall Market
Creative signpost at Bath Guildhall Market

Desperate to get out of London, we decided to spend the day in Bath. My son and I took the coach from Victoria which cost us £38 return for two, a real bargain, I thought. We got on the 7am coach and arrived in Bath at 10am, so our three hour journey was right on time.

We wandered the town of Bath until we came across a wonderful bookstore, called 'The Friends Meeting house'. We couldn't leave without a visit, something was calling us in. Once we entered, books of every kind were piled high, and it was packed with tourists.

We had initially booked our return coach for 6pm, so that we would have 8 hours to explore Bath, but unfortunately by 1pm, we were ready to go home.

I didn't have lots of money to spend, so this trip to Bath was 'Bath-on-a-budget!'

We came across the Roman Baths, and although we didn't go for a spa experience, I would highly recommend trying it out. Queues are long, but I'm guessing it would be a worthwhile experience.

We did take pictures from outside, as taking images inside was not permitted.

We walked throughout the town centre and stopped in a few shops, where I found a wonderful organic tea shop. I purchased a bag a Turmeric Latte to carry home with me, and hunted around for other goodies.

There were many places too eat, but as Bath is very busy, you'll be lucky if you get a seat! We stopped to eat lunch on a bench in the middle of the hustle and bustle, and enjoyed the cool winter breeze. Ultimately there's nothing better than exploring the town in every corner by walking, taking in nature and enjoying every view.

Things you'll be glad you remembered!

1) Bring a good amount of money

No where in Bath is FREE. Even the parks were advertising a £3 fee to enter, but luckily for us there were no park attendants on site to take payment. Although it's only a small price, who wants to pay for things you could get for free elsewhere!

2) Be prepared to queue

Coffee shops, restaurants, you name it- there will most likely be a queue. This is because Bath is usually quite busy as it's a definite tourist spot!

3) Book a trip at short notice

Bath is a mere 2.5 hours away from London, so catch a coach from Victoria is get out of London for the day.

4) Don't book a late returning coach

Although there are a few things to do in Bath, there aren't that many. Don't do what I done and spend the whole day down there, (unless it summer!) After a few hours of roaming, you will have seen most, if not all of Bath's hotspots. 3 - 4 hours is more than enough time to spend in Bath.

5) Book your Spa session in advance

Forget booking your spa session at the last minute, you'll be lucky if you can get in! I'm not sure if you can book at short notice, but I would highly suggest to book your spa session way in advance.

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