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Top 4 Attractions in Newquay, Cornwall

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Our visit to Cornwall was breath-taking. This was my first time returning since I was a child. I visited Cornwall with my son so I aimed to visit as many of the attractions as possible during our short stay. Here are the top 4 attractions and inexpensive things to do whilst visiting Newquay, Cornwall.

1) A walk to any of the top 5 beaches

Gather yourself a minute or two to experiences some of the strongest winds and the most picturesque views of any of Newquay's beaches. Walk across the coast, take photos and breathe!

2) The Heritage Museum

Find some time to go for a walk and visit the Heritage Museum in Newquay. It was a decision we made at short notice to visit the museum, but we were really glad we did. We learnt a lot of history relating to the war, the young girl who actually grew up in the exact building- which was then her home, and entered all areas including the tea rooms. There was a lovely gift shop on entry where you can find anything from postcards to dolls. Best of all, the museum is free. However, we would recommend leaving a small donation if possible.

3) Visit an authentic Cornish Bakery

You cannot leave Cornwall without trying a local Cornish Pasty! Find a bakery or cafe where you can sit in a grab a Cornish tea as well! I'd recommend visiting an independent bakery rather than a chain, to see if you could taste the difference. No offence, but I had no interest in buying from 'Warren's Bakery' as you can find them anywhere!

4) Visit the Aircraft Museum

This was at the top of our list and unfortunately we were unable to go, as the museum is closed both on Saturdays and Sundays. If you really want to visit this museum during your stay, be sure to book during the half term if your travelling with children, or any days during the week!

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