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10 Best Things to do in London

You can't visit the UK without visiting London, and if you haven't already noticed, I live in London. Just because I live here in London, does not mean I've explored the city as much as I should have. In fact, I'm finding more and more hotspots every so often! There are always lots of new places to discover here. I'm going to break down the 10 best things to do in London, and if you know me, many of them are cheap or FREE! Some, you might even consider being the best places to visit in the U.K! So make sure you add them to your list!

1.) Have a Go at Crazy Golf

I've done this twice, and absolutely love it. The first and second times I visited both with my son, so of course it's completely family-friendly. You could easily go there on a date with your other half or a date with the kids, but it's definitely something not to be missed. Crazy golf can be found in a few areas across London, but why not check out the Shoreditch or Northolt branch? In the Northolt branch, there's a cafe where you can purchase tea, coffee and snacks, as well as a soft play area for the younger children.

2.) Take a bus trip to central London

Westminster in particular, you'll see the Westminister Abbey, The London Eye, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and more. You can't visit London, without taking a trip on our famous red double-decker buses! If shopping is on your TO-DO list, why not take the bus down to Oxford Street or Tottenham Court Road?

3.) Take an uber boat across the River Thames

Again, you'll see some of London's iconic tourist attractions and you can get off at any station you choose. They stop at various different stations, and it can cost less than £7 depending on which stop you exit. But it is a lot of fun! On board the boat, you'll find a small kiosk where you can purchase, tea coffee and snacks. You can take lots of photos and videos too!

4.) Have dinner at the Shard

To be fair, this has been on my list for the longest- but because I'm a big foodie that's always on a budget, it's usually cooking over eating out for me. Nevertheless, You'll experience some of the most breathtaking views at the Shard. The Shard offers 7 different restaurants and a gallery. Prices vary but can range from around £28 per person just to have access to the indoor viewing and the open-air Skydeck.

5.) Go Paintballing

Yes, you're never too old to have fun. Organise a group trip for paintballing and separate the kids from the adults. You might want to make sure there is someone who is not going to take part, to watch over the children. Adults can have up to two hours of fun, ducking, diving, hiding and looking for their next 'victim!' It will be an awesome day of fun. The paintballs may hurt a tiny bit, so if you're a grumbler, this one might not be for you!

6.) Visit Hyde Park

In the middle of Central London, you'll find Hyde Park, perfect for a picnic before a long full day of shopping along London's Oxford Street. It's known as a top-rated tourist attraction. You can sit around the lake and watch the swans or just go for a cheeky stroll through the park. At Christmas, they usually have Winter Wonderland held there throughout the entire Christmas period. You'll experience some of the most magical rides, amusements and games.

7.) Visit Tower Bridge

Particularly the bridge itself at night. It is so wonderful and beautiful to watch the bridge light up, perfect for an evening stroll, pictures and enjoying the bustling environment of the city! You can enter the Tower for £11.40 and children are priced at £ 5.70, so not expensive at all, and overall, a really good day out!

8.) Try the ArcelorMittal Orbit

This looks like complete fun and something I really want to do. I have put it on my list of things to do- (if my anxiety allows me !)It is a really high slide- similar to a slide you'll see at a theme park. The slide is as tall as the U.Ks tallest sculpture. Representing the 2012 Olympics, it is now a landmark in the U.K. Admission is £11.50 per person, so it's definitely not a bank breaker!

9.) Experience Notting Hill Carnival

Although it's only twice a year, If you're visiting London or even if you live here, Notting Hill Carnival is somewhere that has so much history, culture and vibes. It's an awesome two-day event celebrating Caribbean culture and independence. They'll be lots of paint, floats, amazing masquerade costumes, a variety of food and drinks, and music from the day up to the evening. Inclusive to all, you'll definitely have a wonderful time.

10.) Visit Gravity Wandsworth

A day of fun, games, bowling, go-karting and the list goes on. Gravity offers everything for your entertainment needs. There are food and snacks available to purchase on-site, games and rides for kids of all ages. They even have a trampoline park, so the younger ones can bounce up and down until they can't bounce anymore! There's even a hologate VR arena for true gamers, urban street golf and so much more to be enjoyed.

Go Karting at Gravity Wandsworth
Go Karting at Gravity Wandsworth

Where in London have you been? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

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