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2 Hours to Explore | Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

When I booked my trip to Dorset, a visit to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door was surely on the top of my list. Known as the UNESCO World Heritage site, I was so excited to inhale some breathtaking air within its vicinity!

The pictures on the blog pages across the internet looked amazing, somewhere I unquestionably wanted to visit. I wasn't aware of the one-hour hike, but if I had known before, it probably would have put me off and denied me such an incredible experience.

I checked the bus schedule and they were scheduled to arrive every three hours or so, I had to catch the 9.45 am bus. I departed at Kings Statue bus stop in Weymouth for a short drive to Lulworth Cove, where I got off.

As I approached the fence and the entrance of Lulworth Cove, there was a sign that informed us that the hike from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door, (part of the Jurrasic Coast World Heritage site) was 30 minutes long.

Lulworth Cove trail
A few minutes into the trail

Upon entering the gates, I began to doubt myself, but at the same time, tried convincing myself I could do it. I panicked and worried about my legs giving in, my back, my breathing, and had every excuse under the sun!

Ten minutes into my hike, I was panting, out of breath and turned around to see how far I had come. I told myself I couldn't give up. Every time looked back, had me filled with more and more anxiety, but I pushed through. I had my bottle of water and was surrounded by many other people who came from all over the world to experience the trail. I couldn't come to Dorset and not visit Durdle Door, so I had to do it.

10 Minutes into Trail
10 Minutes into Trail

The more people passed me, the more I felt guilty. I could not come all this way to turn around and give up. I had to keep going. So I changed my mind frame, I stopped to take some of the most breathtaking and gorgeous photos of the Jurassic Coast, and all things we could see from the mountain tops.

We didn't need a Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door walk map, but signs were clear, and the crowd kept each other motivated... somehow!

Halfway to the Finish line...

15 minutes into my hike and I felt my legs trembling. I could see people on their way back, some were passing me and telling me I could do it, so I used that tiny bit of motivation to keep going.

Breath-taking Views of Dorset | Lulworth Cove
Breath-taking Views of Dorset | Lulworth Cover/ Durdle Door

I was super proud of myself at this point, my legs began to move faster, Miraculously, I was no longer in pain, I was taking in the air, deep breaths at a time and reflecting on the life God gave me. I was thankful. I AM thankful. The sun was out, shining bright, and I took in deep breaths of the fresh air. It was my first time hiking, and it was something I indefinitely enjoyed.

I was glad I decided to go it alone, allowing myself some real reflection time, I took my time and continued hiking over the mountains and hills, overlooking the most beautiful scenery of the ocean. The hills got steeper, and I felt my legs and thighs trembling. Nevertheless, my brain was in overdrive. Nothing could stop me now. I was more than halfway across and could see people who came from all over the world.

I had a few steps to go until I reached my destination until I arrived at the World Heritage Site. I began to miss my son, but I knew he'd be proud of me. I sent him a few messages to see how he was enjoying his Caribbean getaway without me.

I finally made it to the picturesque beach of Dudle Door, and it was stunning. It was beautiful. I sat down on the pebbled sand watching the ocean. I had a moment of prayer and continued reflection, before taking my camera and snapping some photos. Small things such as hiking, are an undeniable blessing, some many people would overlook. I was eternally grateful I experienced this and had the time to do it alone.

After my reflection and picture-taking sessions, it was time to head back to the bus stop, and that meant the hike had begun all over again.

Durdle Door in Dorset
Durdle Door in Dorset

30 Minutes to Return

This time it was easier. I could breathe better, walk faster, take in more scenes, I may have missed on the way up, and walk proudly with a clear mind.

As I looked ahead, I could now see the entrance before me. I had officially completed my hike. I headed for the gift shop to see what I could pick up and got lost in the reading and information about the World Heritage Site.

The hike was a first for me, but not a last, I felt rejuvenated, so positive... and brand new!

It was an enjoyable day, such an unforgettable experience- especially if it's something you are not used to doing. Living in a city like London, we take advantage of public transport, and many of us drive everywhere all the time. Spending the day in nature is something I never knew I needed and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Completing the Trail | Durdle Door
Completing the Trail | Durdle Door

Let me tell you if you're asking yourself "Is Dorset worth visiting?" The answer is Oh Yeah!! Put it this way, there's no point in visiting Dorset without visiting Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door!

Have you ever been hiking? Let me know in the comments where the best places you hiked are.

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