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Beauty on the Beach xoxox

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

A few things to remember to pack...

On Grande Anse Beach, I left my footprints in the sand. Punta Cana had me pumpin Martini's and Mojito's. Jolly Beach had me leaving Antigua on a high. You've booked and prepared all year long for this beach holiday! Make sure you have all your essentials and more, to ensure you're looking like a real beauty on the Beach!

Here are a few recommendations of things you should pack when your heading off abroad.

1 ) Banana Boat Aloe sun-gel

This is a must. In case you get sun burn or your skin feels a little bit sore, l always pack a bottle of this gem. This is good especially if you are prone to sun burn like me.

2) Natural Unrefined Shea Butter - Use this for both your body and your hair. It will keep your hair and body hydrated all day and night. It can be used to protect both the hair and skin from harsh weather! This is a must. Pack this every time you travel and watch your hair and skin glow...

3) Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil. Use this to keep your skin hydrated. Make sure to grab the natural version.

4) Allacan /Cetrizine Hydrochloride -( Hay fever and allergy tablets)

Who would have known a girl that loves to travel has an actual allergy to mosquito bites? Poor me! Nevertheless, These tablets saved me and my entire holiday. Without them I would not have been able to walk any longer, due to severe swollen ankles from the mosquitoes. Try to get this from the chemist or drugstore.

5) Keep your hair in a protective style - If you have natural hair like me, please protect your hair. I once again took it for granted and my hair was left damaged from the sun. If you do not want to wear a protective style, wear a wig or ensure your hair is moisturized twice a day or more, just like your skin.

6) Drink bottled WATER and drink lots of it - This might seem obvious, but a clean inside is what will show up on the outside. Just because your on holiday, doesn't mean you must intoxicate yourself with alcohol and fizzy drinks all day. Drink plenty of water every day, coconut water is even better. Stay away from tap water and ice, as you can become very ill drinking this. Try to stay away from coffee and tea- opt for a herbal tea instead. You'll see how quickly your skin begins to glow....

7) Savlon Antiseptic Cream- Buy a tube from the chemist or even the pound store. Use this for any insect bites, cuts, sores and you might encounter. Savlon will quickly heal the skin and it is an antiseptic cream, which will ensure all bacteria is killed. You will always need a tube of this just in case, so grab yours here:

8) Citronella - If you're going somewhere hot and tropical, please don't forget to pack or buy some Citronella. Just make sure you have it with you. Use this over your body once you come out of the shower, to keep the mosquitoes away.

9) Loose Powder - I know this is really superficial, but if you fancy going foundation free, it's no harm to dust on a bit of loose powder. You will appear less shiny in both reality and your photos! and still look pleasant.

10) Dioralyte and Immodium- If you are sick, have been vomiting or have had diarrhorea, both Dioralyte and Immodium works wonders (for me). You will need to consult your doctor before taking anything, due to your own allergies etc. But for me, Dioralyte has always been something of importance to pack, especially when travelling with children.

Bonus tips: Carry some Hydrocortisone cream with you. If you have been affected by sunburn, you've broken out in pimples, or have even had a nasty insect bite - Hydrocortisone can really work wonders.

With love,

Siobhan Patrina

Pink skies and Paradise

Drinking from a Coconut in Punta Cana
Me in Punta Cana - Dominican Republic

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