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F.O.C.P (Fear of Cold Places...)

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

I'm sitting here with my fleece on, and my dressing gown on-top as I write this, and although I may have just diagnosed myself, or most likely misdiagnosed myself, but i'm sitting at home with the heating on full whack shivering, and I've got chills running through me as I think about possible vacation destinations for next year.

Scenic and picturesque views of Sweden and Iceland fill my timeline and feed on a daily basis, and although their absolutely breathtaking places, I am absolutely petrified of being somewhere so cold, with a possibility of dying from hyperthermia!

I live in London, for Pete sake, you would of thought i'd be used to cold weather by now, but honestly - I will sit next to the radiator every day, until I land on white sands and the natural sun is beaming across my forehead!

As I grow older, I question the level of confidence I have left, feeling like the sun has melted it all away...

Although I'm completely sold on the scenic views of glaciers and iced mountains, I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to visit the places with such volatile weather.

Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice skating, you name it- those are some of the winter sports I'd love to try, but first I must get over my F.O.C.P.

Not only will this be both a mental and physical challenge for me, but I'm sure it will be an even bigger challenge finding the right people to join me on my wintery endeavours! I mean, who doesn't love the sun...

Join me on my challenge, until I book and visit Iceland or Sweden in the winter.....

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