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Local Cuisine Review at Ebony Table D'Hote

Food for thought and flavours for all!

Indian spices, African flavours and traditional Mauritian dishes were served to us at a local restaurant called Ebony Table D'hote. After building up quite an appetite after our South Mauritian tour, our driver took us to Ebony Table D'hote. Indian food was not particularly my favourite, so I wondered what I would try. I was quickly assisted by the waitress who was very accommodating and recommended the fish curry. We ordered a fish curry and a chicken curry to share between the three of us. The presentation was lovely, as the food came prepared on a banana leaf. We ordered handmade fruit juices, which we thought were quite pricey at 250 MUR per glass, (equating to about £5 each. ) Our meal included a dessert of tapioca and vanilla ice cream, which was delicious. The service at Ebony Table D'hote was very good, we didn't have to wait long for our meals, and our waitress did come around once again to check if the food was ok.

Curries at Ebony Table D'Hote- Mauritius
Fish and Chicken curry at Ebony Table D'Hote - Mauritius

We were given a small bowl of samosas which was a starter for all of us to share.

Each curry dish consisted of the same food which included, spinach, chapati, baked beans, sweet potato, squash, aubergine, salad and rice. The portions of the curry were a decent size, but they were leaning towards the smaller size for me. Although I was full at the end of my meal, I wasn't full for long! After dinner, we were quickly served a small dessert of tapioca and vanilla ice cream which completed the meal for us.

The three meals came to a total of 2500 MUR (about £50). Although £50 sounds cheap for two people, we felt like the restaurant's drinks were very expensive. We ended up paying £15 for three handmade fruit juices- this is typically higher than a fruit juice in London!

The food was cooked to perfection, and I did prefer the fish curry over the chicken curry. The ambience was perfect, with the choice to sit indoors or outdoors. Overall I would rate this restaurant 6/10. I have given this restaurant this star rating simply because I felt like the menu was not varied enough, and the drinks were too expensive, (especially as we did not particularly enjoy them.) I would recommend visiting this restaurant as we did enjoy the food and believe this is the taste of authentic Mauritian food, but if you are after something cheap and cheerful- the street food along the beaches might just do the trick!

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