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The Cornish Pasty | Food Review

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

We had three days to enjoy Cornwall as much as possible. Bearing in mind we had an extra long journey, all I could think about was the first hot meal. The first thing I wanted to do was try the local dish... An authentic Cornish Pasty. When Saturday Morning came, we were already stuffed as we had bought lots of breakfast food and snacks like croissants, fruits, and brioche for our short stay. Trying to keep our costs low, we had 'room only' and bought lots of food and snacks from home, so we attempted to have a Cornish Pasty for lunch. We were so over-occupied with trails, beach visits, and hiking spots, time passed by so quickly, it was time for dinner.

The bakeries were closed so we decided to go for Fish and Chips for Dinner. We found a 5* rated Fish and Chip shop and they were quite cheap. The Fish and Chips were absolutely delicious. Sunday morning came really quickly and it was almost time for us to head back home.

We had dozens of bakeries to choose from, or so we thought... Many of the bakeries had a late opening time on Sunday, so we were lucky our chosen bakery was open. Among the few, we thought we had 'Women Bakery', 'The Cornish Pasty', 'Oggy Oggy' 'Mom's Pasties' and 'Pauline's', but only 'The Cornish Pasty' was open. Luckily this was the bakery we decided on the day before.

We had to wait 45 minutes for our Cornish Pasty to be baked fresh so we sat in Costa, had a coffee and waited! It was an absolute winner to say the least. A real traditional Cornish pasty, much like I've tasted before, as it was my second time in Cornwall. As the large chunks of potato, chopped onion and cuts of beef hit the roof of my mouth, I was ready to extend my weekend all over again!

Me taking a bite out of a traditional Cornish Pasty
The Cornish Pasty

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