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Premier Out!

A short trip to Bristol, U.K, was on the agenda for work purposes. I had really been looking forward to this break away from London. Premier Inn was the selected hotel due to convenience of where our meetings were to take place. As I arrived at Bristol and looked around, I noticeably realised it looked a lot like London. I checked in to my hotel and I was immediately asked for payment. Bearing in mind I had not even seen my room yet. I was issued with a receipt. On the receipt, I was asked to write my ethnicity and my signature. This procedure is something I have never come across. After signing, I just wanted to go upstairs and wash my hands, after a two hour journey.

I got upstairs and checked out the room. It was o.k, at this point. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, and there was no hand-wash. No soap, Nothing. I went downstairs to ask the staff at reception for some hand-wash and they said they would bring some upstairs. I waited for 15 minutes and no one had showed up. At this time, I decided to go for a walk around the local town centre.

When I arrived back from my short walk, the hand-wash had been placed. There was no shower gel or shampoo, but luckily I had brought my own. I had a hot shower before bed, and changed the hotel pillowcases to my own. The next morning, I decided to arise for breakfast, as I had an 8.15am meeting. Breakfast was extremely disappointing. I had paid £9.50 for what I thought would have been a premier English Breakfast. I received cold scrambled eggs, hard baked beans, ice cold pancakes which were out next to small packets of syrup. No one said they weren't heated! As a person who does not eat pork, I was happy to find I had a choice between Quorn or pork sausages. There were pork sausages and no other sausages on site. The luke warm hash browns were the only thing that saved me from Starvation, as I had a long and busy day ahead. I had two cappuccinos from a machine which maybe had a bit to much cream- because that seemed quite cold too. I just couldn't wait to go home.

All in all, my experience at the Premier Inn was dreadful. A solid 2/10, and that was only because of the size of my room. Nothing more, nothing less. Premier Inn is a bargain, something affordable for most, but i assure you can find a better quality hotel for the same price or cheaper.

This wasn't my first time at Premier Inn. I had stayed a night at Premier Inn in Blackpool, U.K a few years back, and it was awesome. Breakfast was good, and everyone that knows me, knows that i'm a great big foodie!! There are three different Premier Inn hotels in Bristol, so this is an honest review from experience at the 'Lewins Mead' location. You may be lucky with the others if you dare to give them a try.

With love and pink skies

Siobhan- Patrina xoxox


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