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Where to Stay in Flic-En-Flac |Hotel Review

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Ashmara Villa Review

Under no circumstances was I ready to abandon my dream vacation to Flic en Flac in Mauritius. Hotel prices ranged from £2500 up to £30,000! Although I was optimistic, positive, and hopeful, I was also realistic. Paying for a child, adult and hotel were going to be extremely hard for me, but I knew I was going to do it somehow. I opted for a villa over a hotel, which proved both cheaper and more beneficial for a longer stay, for my family and I.

After scouring the internet for months, I finally made my decision to stay in the Ashmara Villa in Flic-en-Flac. My reason for choosing Ashmara villa was because it ticked all of the points I had considered before choosing. It was a short walk to the beach, supermarket, local high street, bus stops and currency exchange places. Everything we needed was right before us. The location was perfect. The reviews had me sold, many visitors stated how clean the apartment was, and how accommodating the host was, and this really encouraged me to book.

Two-bedroom apartment at Ashmara Villa
Balcony view at Ashmara Villa and Studio- Mauritius

Ashmara Villa offered us a private swimming pool, our apartment included a washing machine, shower, television, free wifi, free car parking, and air conditioning, and it was clean, airy and extremely welcoming. Our hosts Deepak and Honey were extremely accommodating and went above and beyond for our needs. Budget friendly, Ashmara Villas can easily be one of the best priced villas in Flic-En-Flac.

WiFi: - 5/5- Fast and Free!

Location: 5/5 - Nearby most amenities

Hosts: 5/5- Went above and beyond to cater

Swimming pool: - 4/5 (Has a small jacuzzi attached. Nice, but absolutely freezing!

Shower: 3/5 - Tricky to use

Parking: 4/5 - ( directly across from the swimming pool, but FREE!)

A/C: 4/ 5 (Only in bedrooms)

Bedrooms: 4/5 (good sizes, bed could be comfier)

Living Room/ Kitchen: 4.5/ 5 - Everything accessible and a good size. Garden door as-well as balcony door at the front.

Bathroom: 4/5 - (Clean and modern. windows very high up)

Although our television did not work, we didn't bother to report it because we were exhausted at the end of each day! The shower was a little tricky to use, in terms of manipulating it to achieve the right temperature, but our host informed us of this beforehand- and we managed to get it to work after a while.

My overall review for Ashmara Villas would be 8.5/ 10. My expectations were exceeded, I must admit. I would definitely recommend it, and most of all I would love to return.

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