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Travelling While Being Black | Our Stories

Updated: May 22, 2023

It's no surprise that travelling while being black is hard. Not to whinge, but many things can be just that little bit harder while travelling - being black, or a person of colour. Although many may not want to admit it, racism and colourism still exist in today's world and it's such a shame.

Whether you're a solo traveller, you travel with your family, or in big groups, depending on the country you are travelling to, you are likely to cause some attention! Next month, my son who is also my travel partner, travels without me and I'm wondering where I can go and still feel safe... (alone)

Holiday and Travel Show 2023
At The Holiday and Travel Show 2023

Blogging about my experiences almost feels therapeutic to me. It's natural. It's something that I completely enjoy doing. It helps me to channel my inner creativity and do what I love to do best- that's writing! I love to travel far and wide and because many of my friends, and family members don't have the same idea of travel and destinations- I've been forced to go it alone.

But hey, it all worked out for the best. I save, book and travel and then.... someone wants to come along. But I've adjusted to travelling with my son and I no longer want to travel without him or with anyone else!

I must admit, I'm someone who struggles a little with anxiety but prayer has helped me through this. I'm often sceptical about travelling to places I've never been before, that are dominated by other races or that are not particularly classed as a multi-cultural country- through fear of mistreatment.

A lady on the Il Aux Benitiers Beach - Mauritius
Me on the Beach

But faith in GOD keeps me travelling! I've currently been listed as one of the top 45 black travel blogs online, so I'm pumped! This is a big deal as I love documenting my travels across the globe. Looking for content and blogs to read about destinations and holidays is always easy to find, but coming from the mouths of a person of colour may not be so easy.

Although it's the destination, its attractions, and what it has to offer, are what gropes us in, the experience is what sells it to us. Don't get me wrong, everyone's experience will be different- there are several reasons why - we're all different! The experience coming from a traveller of colour hits us differently, as we want to feel comfortable and welcomed in a country where black is the minority.

When you are trying to arrange a holiday, am I the only one that reads blogs as well as watches YouTube videos? I would hope not! I would have thought most people tend to read blogs and watch vlogs on the country they intend on travelling to BEFORE booking. A quick Google search is both as easy and as necessary as you think.

You see, even though it's the country you are predominantly searching for information for, it's also the experience the traveller has had, and in particular, this is an important factor while travelling as a black person.

I can only guess if other people of colour have similar views on this- but then again, it might just be me! Ultimately, we all want to visit a destination that is deemed safe and trouble-free, but there's just that extra piece of mind when you've read blogs about destination-based travel experiences written by people of colour.

Many black travellers share their experiences travelling the world, and I've been selected as number 12! Woohoo!

What are you looking for?

Are you a fussy traveller, nonchalant, or anxious (like me)? Or maybe you are just a laid-back leave-it-to-the-last-minute type of person. Whoever you are, what are you searching for when you are looking online, before travelling?

Are destinations important to you or is it just the idea of having a break away from the norm? Are you someone that cares about your experiences? These are the questions you should be finding out about yourself if you don't know already. This will help you to create the best itinerary, plan the most amazing holiday and endure the best experiences of your life!

Why you should read travel blogs written by people of colour

I can say it again and again, but it's the truth. Everyone's experience is different and it isn't supposed to be the same. Though if you are curious, anxious and sceptical all at the same time - it can only help by listening to experiences about some of the crazy stories 'we' as people of colour may have encountered.

Being a traveller of colour means that you always have to be cautious when visiting different countries, heck- you even have to be cautious in your hometown! I believe that black people generally tend to have a different experience while travelling abroad, even if it's a tourist hotspot that is popular among international travellers.

I'm not saying it always has to be a negative one - I'm saying 9/10 it will be a different one. And it can be different in many different ways.

The Top Travel Blogs on The Web

Considering how many black travel bloggers there are, and how much money black people spend on travel alone- I would have thought it would be easier to locate a few! I was amazed to find a list of the top travel bloggers in both the U.K. and the U.S. that didn't feature even one black travel blogger, so thankfully this list was created. Google lists Nomadic Matt as the top travel blogger, (although he's awesome) the long list has no diversity. The Planets D, The points guy, The blonde abroad and the not-so-diverse list goes on.

Some of my personal favourites include the duo (Yaya and Lloyd), and I've recently discovered Nadeen at The Sophisticated Life Home - The Sophisticated Life

My ultimate favourite vlogger is Shaneice Crystal - her content is awesome!

Just remember if you want to hear stories from black travellers there are loads of us around!

Who are some of your favourite black travel bloggers? I'd love to know! Drop your answers in the comments below!

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