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Where to stay... In Grenada!

If money was no object, Cinnammon Hill (now known as Mount Cinnamon) would be my first choice. It would be my first choice because I remember spending 4 weeks at this wonderful place with my family years ago. Since then, it has been highly renovated although it was a true beauty before it's renovation. We had a wonderful bar, and beautiful views of the beach from our window which overlooked the lit houses at night. Mount Cinnammon is most definately a fab place to stay.

Fast forward to 2010, I spent another 2 week in The Rex Resorts, which was another great choice. Entertainment was pretty good, and we had something to do almost every night. Staff were amazing, friendly and welcoming and anyone that knows me , knows that I can be sold on that alone!

Take a boat trip to Carricou, you would want to have a feel of another little part of Grenada. Its not true Grenada, but a joining island, you wont want to miss. It is very quiet, not as lively, but a nice getaway.

When staying in Grenada, I like to stay in different hotels and have a different experience every time I visit, unless I've absolutely fallen in love with one of the hotels. I stayed in both Hotels and Villas and have been lucky enough to stay with family on other occasions. Grenada is a true beauty, as long as your near a beach you will be A-OK!

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