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New Year, New You and New Quay!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

After 10 days of self isolating from the dreaded COVID-19, I desperately needed a break away from home. I needed a chance to breathe in some clean, fresh air, and to be away from London. I decided a weekend away to Cornwall sounded nice and my son was more than keen on the idea.

We booked a weekend away to Newquay and travelled 7.5 hours as we travelled by coach. My goal was to make this inexpensive vacation as cheap as possible, whilst still being able to engage on a well deserved travel experience.

Prior to our visit, we scoured the internet looking for inexpensive breaks and hotels and we found ours at a great price ( about £150 for both of us) for both the coach and hotel. Our coach was delayed by 30 mins when arriving at our destination and after 8 long hours, we finally arrived in Newquay.

We had never seen so much greenery before. The coach trip was filled with sightings of green fields, sheeps, and all sorts of animals roaming free. Small cottages, large houses and a never-ending green country field. We stopped off in Plymouth for a while to grab some food, a chance to stretch our legs, and some snacks before continuing our journey.

Our hotel was 15 minutes away from Newquay station so we put on our interactive map and followed through. We walked past the most breathtaking views of the beach, and stood there in awe, whilst the cold wind slapped us across the face. The wind was so strong I almost worried for my life. I grabbed hold of my son as tight as possible and we stood there taking in the most picturesque views.

For a number of years, I underestimated the power of small U.K breaks- They just didn't seem to excite me as much. Maybe this is because I was born in the U.K, but this short winter getaway was so inspiring and breath-taking, it really gave me the peaceful, long desired, and fairly inexpensive break I never knew how much I needed.

Don't forget to check out our next blog post where we break down Our Hotel Review!!

A lady on the beach in Newquay, Cornwall during Winter
Me on the Beach in Newquay, Cornwall

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