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12 Best Things To Do In Dorset - Weymouth

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

I spent a cheeky 72 hours in Weymouth during the April Easter holidays. A quick and easy getaway was on the radar for a while, and as Weymouth was somewhere I had not yet been, I can now say Weymouth should most definitely be on your list of places to visit. Particularly, if you want to get out of London! I couldn't wait to explore the Jurassic Coast and some of the biggest attractions in Dorset.

Here are my 12 Best things to do in Weymouth, Dorset.

1) Visit Weymouth Pier

Well, you cant visit Weymouth without taking a walk on the Pier, across the beach watching the waves crash in the ocean. You'll find rides, snacks, some nice places to eat and grab a cup of tea. If you talk a walk down, on the opposite side of the run, you'll find the full arcade where kids and adults can have so much fun!

Jubilee Clock on the Pier
Jubilee Clock on the Pier- Weymouth

2) Visit the Marina

Take a stroll to the harbour where you can watch the boats come in and out. You might even catch the RNLI practising! There are a few benches where you'll be able to relax without it being overcrowded.

Weymouth Harbour
At the Harbour - Weymouth Harbour

3) Visit the Northe Forte

If you've got some spare change, why not pop down to the Northe Forte? It will be a great place to explore if you're into History and if you've travelled with children. Either way, it would be a good day out as there is somewhere to eat on-site, and you'll get to see the stunning views of the ocean while learning about history as far back as the 1800s. The Northe Fort is known for its eerie paranormal activity so if you're into spooky things... It'll be the perfect place to visit! It cost just under £10 pounds for adults and I believe children's prices are between £2-£4. Unfortunately, I left out way too late to visit and wouldn't have made it in time. They close at 4 pm on most days, so make sure you check before heading out.

4) Visit Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

Now, my whole three-day trip revolves around Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Simply because this was the highlight of my short stay. There's no way you can visit Dorset and not visit Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. It was such a beautiful day out, a great hike experience and some stunning views of The Jurassic Coast. You can catch the bus X54, which runs about every three hours from Weymouth, but takes around 30 mins to get there. Be prepared for a hard, but rewarding and wonderful hike from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door, and if you're not much of a hiker, get off the bus a stop before, so you can get to Durdle Door by cutting out all the leg work! Ensure you have enough time, to catch your bus bike, if you don't drive!

Durdle Door
Durdle Door

5) Visit Sandworld Sculpture Park

Now, I must admit- I wasn't aware of this attraction until I returned back to London. Don't get confused. There is a big display of a sand sculpture along the pier, and this is what I thought the actual attraction was. So that was a loss for me. Do your research. Find out the opening and closing times of the actual Sandworld Sculpture Park and make a day of it. Im saving it for my return journey to Weymouth!

6) Spend a day on the beach

If you love to rest, reflect and enjoy a good beach like me, you can easily spend a full day on the beach. Carry some food and a blanket and have a picnic, or nip across the road and enjoy some authentic Fish and chips. You'll be surprised how fast time goes by. Use it as a day to relax

Weymouth Beach
Weymouth Beach

7) Visit Greenhill Garden

Along the beach, you'll find Greenhill Gardens. A very beautiful, colourful and peaceful garden. Enjoy the beautiful arrangements of flowers, space to walk, avoid the large crowds- and even grab a bite to eat at Scandscape cafe. There are also a few benches and a bandstand where you'll often be able to enjoy some live band music.

Greenhill Gardens- Weymouth
Greenhill Gardens- Weymouth

8) Take a Boat ride

Why not book a boat and take a guided tour to enjoy the serene views of the Jurassic Coast from the water? Tour prices vary, so make sure you fit one that suits your budget!

Boats in Weymouth
Boats in Weymouth

9) Sandsfoot Castle

If you want to get some great photos, why not head down to Sandsfoot Castle? It's only just the ruins of the castle but will still be worth the sights.

10)Visit Weymouth Museum

Pop down to Weymouth Museum and enjoy a fun and historical tour. It's best to go with children, as I will be attending with my son, but it can still be enjoyed by adults alone. The museum has varied opening and closing times and it is only open for 3 hours per day, so it's best to get there when the museum opens. The opening times are usually from 10 am -1 pm and it is noted to be closed on both Sundays and Mondays.

11) Go on a Nature Trail

There are so many places you could go on a nature trail. If it's easier, you could even book a guided nature trail, where you'll be able to meet others along your walks. But if you're after something a bit more fun, and have the children with you, why not do something adventurous and creative like Dorset's Treasure Trails? It is self-guided and has all the clues around the town in specific locations and buildings. Why not take part, even if you're alone.

Nature Trail in Dorset
Nature Trail in Dorset

12) Visit Portland Castle

Prices are very cheap and can range from £7-£8 for adults, and if you're on a budget like me you'll be happy to pay no more than a tenner! However, it can be a good educational trip for the little ones. They'll learn all about Henry V111, and look back over 450n years worth of history. Children's prices vary from £4.20- £7.00, and there is also a place to eat when the kids get hungry.

Where in Dorset have you visited that's not on the list? Leave a comment below!

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