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The Gloucester House | Hotel Review in Weymouth

My first impressions were "Wow" this looks posh! I thought as I scoured the web for a place to stay in Weymouth. I wasn't looking for anything fancy, nothing five-star, no fancy hotels with pools in Weymouth. I was pretty much looking for the cheapest hotels in Weymouth, that were clean and fairly near to the beach. I'm quite big on hotel reviews, and I would probably never book a hotel without reading the reviews first, so I searched hotel reviews on Tripadvisor,, and all over the internet.

So when I came across The Gloucester House, I was undoubtedly impressed with the location, the pictures, the reviews, and of course the price. The fact that breakfast was included and it was very clean had me sold!

The Gloucester House
The Gloucester House

I had finally arrived at my hotel after a 4-hour coach drive to Weymouth. I took my time and effortlessly strolled towards the entrance of my hotel, well, my B+B. This was my first time staying in a B+B. Upon approaching the front door, I was really impressed. I rang the exterior doorbell and was welcomed and greeted by the hosts.

A Five-star Experience

I was shown around and even offered cake and tea. My hosts kindly carried my luggage upstairs to my room, where I was then settled in, before explaining some general rules regarding housekeeping and fire alarms.

I sat in my room-thrilled. A good few getaway days where I could just focus on myself were more than needed.

The Lounge at the Gloucester House
The Lounge at The Gloucester House

As I settled in, I went back downstairs to help myself to some cake and milk for tea- I already felt comfortable. I glanced through the large opulent windows in the lounge that were overlooking the beach and I was already excited to explore. A glance throw the window had me mesmerized, as I could see the mountains overlooking Dorset.

My Bathroom at the Gloucester House
My Bathroom at the Gloucester House

Upon returning back to my room, I was ready to test the shower. I let it run hot before stepping in, and it was hot and easy to use. Clean, modern and looking fairly new, I felt right at home! After my shower, I was ready to go to bed, but taking full advantage of the B+B's Netflix subscription, I decided to watch a few movies. I changed into my pyjamas and settled for a couple of movies. Halfway through the movie, I fell asleep. The bed was so comfortable it was almost like sleeping on a giant marshmallow!

Beginning My Day- Breaking the Fast

Breakfast was between 8.00 am and 9.30 am so I decided I would get down there for 8.30 am, giving the hosts time to set up and not be pressured. I glanced at the menu, and of course, I couldn't resist but to try the Dorchester, (which was like a full English). The Dorchester consisted of fried eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, beans, french toast, bacon, sausages, roasted tomatoes, and vegan alternatives. I had the vegan option with vegan sausages. I was asked how many eggs I wanted so I went for two! Im telling you the breakfast was 10/10. Cooked to perfection, and great quality ingredients. I was so impressed.

Breakfast was 10/10. I was also offered options to have a hot or cold breakfast, with the hot breakfast being freshly made on order. I told myself I'd try a different breakfast every morning, but the Dorchester was so good, I couldn't help but order it again ... and again!

I couldn't get a cheeky picture of how good the breakfast looked because I was in too deep by the time the plate arrived!

Single room at the Gloucester House B+B in Weymouth
Making myself at Home

BED: 9/10


ROOM: 7.5/10

WIFI: 10/10

NETFLIX: 10/10


Overall, The Gloucester House was the best B+B/ Hotel I have actually stayed in and although it is a 4-star, it deserves 5. The location, decor, service and everything was top tier. Great attention to detail from the hosts. The hotel toiletries (or "stealable's" as Gina Yashere would call them!) were really good. Great smelling and organic, and they all came home with me! On top of the FREE Wifi, the room also included a Netflix subscription for the period of your stay. I really do look forward to my Gloucester House return.

Let me know in the comments, where you've stayed in Weymouth or Dorset that was top tier! Check out what I did in Dorset!

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