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A Not-So-Lonely Planet | Lonely Planet Guide

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Empty beach in Antigua
A Lonely (but not -so lonely) beach

Solo travelling doesn't have to be so lonely. In fact, solo travelling, in my experience is not so lonely at all. It's enlightening. You feel a great sense of achievement, and best of all, you experience a sense of both independence and appreciation for life.

My first solo holiday was back when I was 21 and I travelled to New York. I felt an unwavering amount of faith and gratitude for my experience. The days when I sit and read travel guides on new places to visit are never afar. To be quite honest, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm so glad I didn't allow anyone to stop me from taking the plunge. It was complete medicine for my soul.

Solo travelling doesn't have to be so scary. Sometimes we underestimate our own capabilities just by having a lack of confidence and tons of fear. Some of my best experiences have been while I travelled solo. While I thought parenthood would set me back, travelling with a child has been even better for me.

So if you feel like you've past the solo travelling era unintentionally, remember- It's never to late. There will be a time when you get a break from the children, so use that time wisely. Don't stay at home or go to work. Look at this break away as a time for self investment.

If you do want to travel with your children - that's even better. you'll have company and won't feel so alone. At a family friendly hotel, you'll most likely meet many other parents and families - so don't be afraid to introduce yourself, or simply say 'hello' (if your shy like me!)

Try avoiding going out late at night in case you get lost. If you are with another family that is staying in the same hotel as you, then maybe you can have one late evening, but always make sure someone knows where you are!

Try and do all your trips as early as possible, this gives you a better chance of enjoying your holiday, you'll get better photos and you may meet new people you can continue your travels with if you would prefer too. If your travelling solo, I would suggest staying in an affordable hotel over a hostel, simply because people of the amount of people going in and out of hostels, and the sharing of a room. It's not only your valuables that may not be safe.

If it's fear holding you back, remember you are not the only person experiencing this. It's Faith over Fear! Be positive, hopeful and have faith. Most of the time, you'll meet people and make friends as you go along!

If you do some research before your planned visit, you might be able to figure out a place where you'd feel safe travelling to alone. When I travelled to Antigua with my son, I felt very safe. I did have one late night out - which as completely unintentional but, I enjoyed my time to the max!

During my time in New York, I was much younger and free, but I still felt a little scared at times. I did my very best to avoid late night walks and made sure I got dinner a little bit earlier, while it was still bright.

Read and Research

Don't be put of by other travellers negative experiences, because nobody's experience will ever be completely the same. It's easier said than done, but you'll have to conquer your fears one day in order to experience some of the best moments of your life!

I always prepare an itinerary for myself and for my family. It helps me to organise and plan my trip accordingly. Of course, I don't always stick to specific days - sometimes I want a day to rest, and other times a complete beach bum day! However, I make sure I get everything that I wanted to do done.

There have been times where I weren't able to get everything done, and this makes a perfect excuse for me to travel back to that country and explore the whole country from a different angle. I'd probably stay in another hotel and even visit another unexplored area.

Before you plan your next big trip, read up on any of 'The lonely Planet' guides to help you choose, plan and prepare for the trip of a lifetime. If you are visiting your local WHSmith or any other bookshop, you should be able to get a copy of a particular guide on the country you are interested in travelling too. The lonely planet guides are also available in some libraries, so head over to your local library first.

You'll be able to purchase travel guides, children's books, and gain expert advice and vital destination information. Take the time to plan, prepare, carefully and responsibly and create a dream holiday of lifetime. Some of the best holidays take place when you travel alone.

Alternatively, you can read about places to visit around the world here.

What are your thoughts on Solo travelling? Leave them in the comments below!

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