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How to save .. with the travel bug!!

Updated: Jan 20

We've all been affected by the travel bug at some point in our lives. Mine started back in 2008, during my first trip I travelled alone. I was 21 and travelled to New York, U.S.A for my 21st birthday. I was adament, my friends and cousins wouldn't spoil my birthday because they decided not to come. Not only did I feel like it was a big achievement for me, but I felt like travelling for me, was an undiscovered lifelong dream that I suddenly felt the urge for.

Fast forward to ten years later, I can say I have travelled far and wide with many places checked of my list. This year, I've promised myself three holidays. I ask myself the same questions over and over... "How can I save money and travel at the same time?" If travelling is important to you, as it is to me, it will never be a sacrifice. Just tell yourself the body needs rest!!!

Here are a few ways you can save and still travel as much as possible:

1) Cut down on most of your luxuries. (Not all, but most.) These include cigarettes, fast food, alcohol and social nights outs. You'll be amazed how much you spend a month and how much you can save and still have extra change!

2) Fly economy -and with cheaper airlines. While we'd all love to fly first class and sip on that tall glass of bubbly, flying economy is a great choice if you want to save. You'll get a bottle of wine too! Consider using an airline native to the country your flying from, you can save quite a lot of money using local airlines.

3) Book your holiday to travel at the cheapest times of year. January, February and September are usually fairly cheap. Try to avoid all half terms and summer holidays... If your'e a parent, travelling with kids, please kindly skip this step! - we don't want any kiddies missing school.

4) Get a money jar. Save and plan for a year. Don't leave it to the last minute to book. Plan~ Prepare~Pack!

5) Go for shorter vacations. Don't be like me and spend 10 days in every country. Depending on where your'e going and the lengths of your flight(s), 5 nights may be just the right amount of time. It may be just enough for you to explore the country and it's hotspots.

6) Make the most of trips closer to home. If you haven't explored all the cities, and states next to your hometown, you'll be surprised how much your missing out on, and how much you could save while still having that well deserved break you ache for.

7) Make sure you are utilising any free time for your side hustle! You don't have to work 2-3 jobs to travel, but whatever you love doing, make sure your'e making money from it. If you like writing, photography or even hairdressing, make sure you're money from it!!!

8) Think positive. Forget all the "I cant's" and replace them with "I Am". This might seem like a silly step, or one for you to skip, but trust me it's the most important step in this article. Spoken bluntly, if you skip this step and decide not to practice positivity, then forget every other step, because they probably wont work! Positivity is the key to everything.

9) While abroad, live like a local. Not because your desperate to fit in, but because here is where you'll be saving a number of coins! Forget taking taxi everywhere, that was one of my biggest mistakes when I visited Antigua. If I had realised in time, I could have saved £45. Eat local as-well. You could get Mcdonald's and all those other fast food chains store food anytime when your'e at home- why not try the local cuisine- you'll be surprised how cheap you could get a well cooked meal for.

10) Be versatile with your accommodation choices. You might be used to staying in no less than a 4* resort, or your dream might be to stay in a 5* resort, but if you do your research, you'll find 3 * hotels that come as close as a 5* and on the other hand, you might find 5* hotels that are nothing more than a 3* (clickbait) resort! There are many different types of accommodations such as hostels, student accommodation or an Airbnb that may suit your needs more. Take a risk- a calculative one! You could save hundreds of pounds by being open minded with accommodation- as long as its safe and clean, and if you have family, stay with them for half your stay!

With Love,

Pinks Skies and Paradise

Siobhan- Patrina xoxox

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