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Top 10 things to do In Bath (on a budget!)

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Bath, Uk is such a wonderful place. There are so many things to do in Bath, but when you're on a budget... it's a different story.

Here are my Top 10 things to do in Bath (if you're on a budget!)

1) Visit Parade Gardens

On a nice, bright day, a stroll through Parade Gardens is nothing short of beautiful. It is especially stunning for taking photos in, as it has a connected river and beautiful floral displays. There is usually a small fee for both adults and children between £2-£3, but we were able to visit for free as there was no staff present.

2) Visit Bath Guildhall Market

You will find any and everything from belts to buttons, and there are even a few places to get a hot cup of tea there. Many different trinkets are available on sale, as well as some unique clothing.

3) 'The Friends Meeting house'

This is a wonderfully unique bookstore, with a vast array of books With shelves that climb the walls, you will be continuously looking over your head! A picturesque bookstore with a diverse collection of books available.

4) Visit the Bath Abbey

We chose not to visit purely because we wanted to explore as many free activities as much as possible, but I would recommend giving it a try. Fees for both children and adult range from £5 - £10. However, there are free concerts around the outside of the Abbey, so we chose to enjoy that at no extra cost.

5) Visit Pulteney Bridge

The gorgeous Pulteney Bridge is beautiful from every angle. There's no way you'll be able to visit Bath without visiting Pulteney Bridge. It has amazing ancient architecture that has been around since the 1700s, I believe, and a river that flows effortlessly. These were some of the most picturesque views we encountered on our visit.

6) Enjoy the scenic views

We strolled past Bath University and the Family court of Law, which was closed at the time. So we enjoyed a walk all around.

7) Go on a nature trail

Museums are not free like they are here in London, so bear that in mind. Opt for a trail around the area or even the surrounding areas, where you can learn about the history of Bath, for no extra costs.

8) Visit Royal Circus

Head down to the Royal Circus to visit some gorgeous ancient architecture, on three-story houses. Around the Royal Circus, you will find the Royal Crescent with lots of cream-coloured stone townhouses you can have a look at, but if you have extra cash- why not book a guided tour with a themed itinerary.

9) Visit the Cathedral

We visited another beautiful cathedral, (unsure of the name,) but it was absolutely stunning. Out of respect, we decided not to take photos inside but managed to take some outside. Across the way from the Cathedral, you will find a small number of hotels and restaurants for guests.

10) Pop into St Mark's Community Centre

Upon your strolls, pop down to St Mark's Community Centre to see what events are on. This is especially important if you plan on staying in Bath longer than a day. We unintentionally popped in on a dance rehearsal but managed to creep back out quietly. We had a look around and again at their noticeboard.

My favourite thing about Bath was enjoying the picturesque views of Pulteney Bridge. It is something you won't regret and certainly never forget. If you do decide to visit Bath, (on a budget) 3.5 hours will be more than enough.

A Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bath, U.K
A Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bath, U.K

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