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Don't let your circumstances make your decisions.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Tips for starting the year off the right way!

It's a brand new year, let your new resolutions and your new attitude come into effect. Leave negativity in the past. We've all done it, we've all been a victim of 'I cant wait until the perfect time to travel and explore the world'.

Don't let your circumstances make decisions for you. If you have no money after your bills and necessities are paid, work out your finances, there is ALWAYS something you can either cut out, cut back on, or sacrifice paying another time. Here's my top ten things you could do to make that extra change that will enable you to 'pack up' and be off again!

Find your niche in a hobby you're passionate about. See below for some cool ideas!

1) Freelance Travel Writing

It wont be easy, but there's a ton of jobs out there that are willing and ready to take you on as a freelancer. Especially if you have a great portfolio. Start building your writing portfolio, and practice writing every day.

2) Hairdressing

If your only good at braiding, be a braider. If your only good at relaxing, be a relaxer! You do need professional qualifications to be a licensed hairdresser, but if your a braider, braid as a side hustle and watch your income grow. Women love to spend on the hair and haircare.

3) Freelance Make-up artist

Trust me, this is a good one. Something I have done in the past and gained my experience before I started, by practising on myself! YouTube was not around those days, so I only had myself to rely on, and then I applied for a job as a beauty sales consultant for Estee Lauder and that was my start.

4) Babysitting

You do not need experience per say, but you do need to have a good rapport with children, confidence, patience and be able to use your own initiative at all times. You have to keep your eyes on those children at all times- so forget about checking Instagram! This can be such a rewarding hobby or side hustle, but ensure you have the correct things required to take on this role.

5) Editing

Over the years, it gets easier and easier to edit both photos and video. Some people are now able to do it themselves. My advice would be to stay on-top of the trends so you know how to level up every year, and outdo your competition. (Pictures or video and you can work from home!)

6) Car boot

Sell all your old junk and anything else you can think off. If you put your thought into making money, over saving money, you will see how quickly those coins add up! You'll be surprised what things people will actually buy, and in various conditions. I've even seen a drunk man buy a second hand, bad quality, worn wig.

Once I had seen that, I knew there was a great chance I could make money selling at the car boot sale. To this day, the car boot sale is somewhere I really love making money- getting up and setting up early can be so exciting!

Whatever situation you're in, try and find the positives of the situation, until you can change it. If you can't change it, change your way of looking at it.

Have a lot of debt? Shift things around, think about a making payments to bills that are less important at another time. Why not get a book from your local bookstore or library on a niche you're interested in to help get you started.

Local Waterstones Table Display
Local Waterstones Table Display

If it's children that are making it difficult for you to make money, find a way they can fit in, even if it means doing a job where you are able to bring them along. Try setting them to bed early, so you can work from home in peace. Even if it only a few hours a day. There is always a way, and if you keep looking you will find it.

With Love,

Pink Skies and Paradise


A girl holding pennies and small change
A girl holding small change

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