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Don't let your circumstances make your decisions.

Updated: Mar 6

It's a brand new year, let your new resolutions and your new attitude come into effect. Leave negativity in 2019. We've all done it, we've all been a victim of 'I cant wait until the perfect time to travel and explore the world'.

Don't let your circumstances make decisions for you. If you have no money after your bills and necessities are paid, work out your finances, there is ALWAYS something you can either cut out or cut back on, or sacrifice paying another time. Here's my top ten things you could do to make that extra change that will enable you to 'pack up' and be off again!

Find your niche in a hobby you're passionate about

1) Freelance Travel Writing

2) Hairdressing

3) Freelance Make-up artist

4) Babysitting

5) Editing (Pictures or video and you can work from home!)

6) Car boot - Sell all your old junk

and anything else you can think off. If you put your thought into making money, over saving money, you will see how quickly those coins add up!

Whatever situation you're in- try and find only the positives of the situation, until you can change it. If you can't change it, change your way of looking at it.

Have a lot of debt? Shift things around, think about a making payments that are less important at another time.

With Love,

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